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How to apply for a Transportation and Truck Driver Job

TRANSPORTATION & TRUCKER JOBSDriving jobs in the transportation industry can be lucrative but that means that anyone looking for a  job is likely to be faced with stiff competition. Use this guide to learn how to apply and maximise your chances of landing the job that is right for you and may be the start of a successful career in the industry.

Work out how much you need to earn

There is no point in searching for jobs that don’t pay enough to be worth your while. Work out how much you need to earn each month (or week) to keep a roof over your head, food on the table and to cover the bills. Then set your search criteria to show only jobs that will pay you enough. You can then focus on applying for these jobs and not waste your time.

Narrow your search by location

Once you have set your pay criteria, it is a good idea to refine your search further by looking for transportation and truck driver careers in your area. For example, if you live in the South-East, you may be wasting your time looking for jobs in the North-East, unless you’re prepared to move. Some jobs require a local driver who will only work in a specific region. However, other companies require drivers nationwide so bear that in mind when applying.

Search according to your qualifications

Some transportation and truck driver jobs require specific qualifications. If you do not have those qualifications or the right type of licence, then you are wasting everyone’s time by applying for those jobs. So narrow your search criteria again to show only the jobs for which you are qualified – or get more qualified.

Widen you online search to include company websites

There are a lot of jobs websites where companies advertise their available transportation and truck driver careers and you should definitely search all of them to compare and contrast the results. If you find a job that you think you may be suited for then try finding the official website of the company too. Take some time to study it and find out more about that company, their operations, the sector in which they operate, their work ethic and what they expect from their drivers and other employees. The more knowledge you have, the better are your chances.

Prepare a tailored and stand-out CV

Sloppy or boring resumes are more likely to get binned than read. So try to make a really good CV that stands out from the crowd and always remember that there is a lot of competition for good jobs. Better yet, try to tailor your CV to the company to which you are applying. Not all jobs are the same and neither are all companies. You can greatly increase your chances of getting the job you want by informing your prospective employer you are the right fit for their profile.

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