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How to get a job as a Cab Driver or Chauffeur

CHAUFFEUR & TAXI DRIVER JOBSIf you love driving, have you considered doing it for a living? There are cab driver jobs and taxi driver jobs out there for the right candidate, and if you want to see how the other half live, you can always check out these chauffeur jobs to see if that is the life for you!

Here are a few tips on how to shine in those driving job interviews:

Your vehicle is the visible part of your job. You, a person, may not exist to your more oblivious clients, but the car, be it a limousine or a standard sedan, will always be noticed. Keep your vehicle scrupulously clean, washing it every day and keeping it glossy and protected with good quality products. Stay on top of small maintenance tasks, and deploy a delicately scented air freshener so that the interior of the vehicle smells clean and pleasant without seeming to disguise anything unsavoury.

Make sure that you have an up to date licence, with no penalty points. Take advanced driving courses – whether you need them for your work or not – and keep your skills sharp by checking in for regular refresher courses. Know the area that you will be covering with any taxi driver jobs, and if travelling outside your usual comfort zone, make sure that you have a good map (paper – you are never guaranteed speedy internet connection!), make sure your satnav’s software is up to date, and work out alternative routes just in case any of the roads are closed.

Know the legislation behind your job, even if you are going to be an employee with all the admin done for you. Knowing that you are legal and compliant is very different to assuming that you are!

Drivers must be prepared to work long, unsociable hours, especially with cab driver jobs – when others are relaxing and having fun, you’ll be working hard, getting everyone to and from their social events. This can be disheartening, so do make time for leisure events and some days off – non-stop work can poorly affect your driving and your attitude.

Speaking of attitudes, a good driver is always polite, considerate and discreet. Avoid instances of road rage, always be punctual – even if your customers are reliably late – and try to go the extra mile, providing a favourite newspaper, latte or even playing their favourite music. Avoid expounding on political situations – just because your customer is stuck in the vehicle with you, is no excuse to dominate the conversation. Allow the customer to lead the conversation, answering when spoken to, but remaining silent should it become clear that is what they prefer. When taking chauffeur jobs, you may overhear personal or private information. This is not to be commented on or asked about: be reliable and present, but invisible.

All drivers must maintain a smart appearance – some clients may even want you to wear a chauffeur’s gloves and cap. If possible, go along with the requests, as keeping the customer happy could mean future business for you.

Be mindful of what you have for lunch and of your deodorant or cologne. Food with a lingering smell is best eaten away from the vehicle, and pop a breath-mint or some gum before your client returns to, or arrives at, the vehicle. It goes without saying that personal hygiene should be faultless!

So, whether you are looking for chauffeur jobs, cab driver jobs or taxi driver jobs, follow this link to see if your new career is just waiting for you!

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