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How to apply for an Owner Operator Driving Job

DELIVERY DRIVER JOBSWhilst driving jobs can be a great career for those of you that want to see parts of the country while getting paid very well for it, there comes a time for many, when you want to stop working for others and become your own boss.

This way you can get the pick of jobs you want to do, are in control of your own success, are able to negotiate payment and terms and can even spend more time with family by doing short-haul jobs. Ultimately you want all the hard-work and effort you put into it to benefit you and not others above you.

However, choosing your own owner operator driver jobs does come with some drawbacks. You’ll no longer just be hauling across country, and leaving it behind when you get home. You’ll be running your own business, which means taking care of all the finances, marketing, organisation & customer service that entails.

If becoming your own boss sounds appealing to you however, here’s a handy starter guide for you:

1. The very first thing you’ll need to do is apply for a licence in order to have the authority to do so. This will depend on your country of origin, for example in the UK, you’ll need to apply for an O Licence, once you’ve found a base for your truck and have the finances to back up the operational costs. In the US, you would need USDOT and Motor Carrier numbers.

2. Once you have your licence, you’ll need a truck. You have two options here: you can lease or buy a truck. Your finances will very much determine which of these choices you go for. If you lease a truck, then you will be using your owner operator driver jobs to pay off the lease each month. This could cause some stress for you if you don’t already have a few jobs lined up, or aren’t very good at finding deals.

If you buy outright, then you should always make sure that the truck has a good service history and is bought from a reliable dealer, this way you can make sure the truck will last you a very long time.

3. Next, you’ll be concerning yourself with motor insurance. You cannot take owner operator jobs without insurance, as not only is it required by governments and authorities, but also protects you. This can be a difficult thing to navigate, as you’ll not only need your own insurance, you’ll need it for various parts of your truck, the trailer itself and for the contents you’ll be hauling. Depending on your level of confidence, it may be best to consult a lawyer that specialises in motoring laws for this.

4. Finally, once this is all set-up, you can start finding work. Many people find this to be the hardest part of the job, however, as long as you build up good relationships with your clients and customers, provide value above other drivers and always keep your ear to the ground, and browse online, within a short while, you should start being in a position to say no to jobs you don’t want to do!

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