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How to Apply for a Delivery Driver Job


DELIVERY DRIVER JOBSAccording to recent data, the average salary associated with full-time delivery driver jobs is £19,698 pounds (1). Not only are these positions challenging, but wages could significantly rise due to factors such as bonuses and overtime. Landing such a role can prove to be the beginning of a lucrative career and this is why the application process is critical. Let us take a look at a step-by-step guide so that you can focus your efforts in the right direction from the very beginning.


1. Determine the Acceptable Salary

Delivery driver careers are partially defined by the salary that you can expect to enjoy. So, you will need to be honest in regards to what is the minimum amount that you can afford to live on each month. As these positions tend to be highly competitive, salaries will often vary depending upon your previous experience as well as the demands of the position in question.

2. Narrow Your Search Down Based Upon the Region and the Preliminary Qualifications

There are a wide array of deliver driver careers available. Some of these might be specific to a town or region while others will necessitate nationwide travel. Will your decision be limited to geographical locations or do you have the flexibility to drive throughout the country? Also, take into account the qualifications that are listed. Some jobs are associated with specific licencing and there are other instances when the transportation of certain products could require additional safety training. Determining these variables in advance is a great way to save time during the preliminary job search.

3. Compare and Contrast Different Official Websites

Let’s assume for a moment that you have narrowed your options down to a handful of companies. While it is always wise to communicate with each directly, make it a point to navigate to their official website. You will be able to learn more about the firm, their work ethic, what they expect from their drivers and their scope of operations. This type of insight is invaluable, as many online employment listings are rather brief in regards to the information provided by the company.

4. Construct a High-Quality and Relevant CV

It is no accident that step was mentioned last. Although you should always know how to format a CV, keep in mind that generic documents simply will not suffice in this day and age. Try to tailor your template around the desires of the company (or companies) that you are applying to. Not all delivery driver jobs are alike and it is wise to list discrete talents that will resonate with the firm itself.

Never forget that delivery driver careers are extremely rewarding and starting off on the right foot is the best way to make sure that you are not wasting your time or energy. Please feel free to refer back to this step-by-step guide when required and above all, be prepared for an exciting experience that is full of challenges!


1. https://www.totaljobs.com/salary-checker/average-delivery-driver-salary

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