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How to Apply for Construction Driver Jobs

CONSTRUCTION DRIVER JOBSA construction driver is mandated with operating vehicles that are usually used in that industry. These include dump, mixer and fuel trucks, forklifts and asphalt rollers. Construction driver jobs also entail carrying out maintenance tasks on vehicles, which includes polishing the interior and exterior, ensuring the fuel tank is full and taking the trucks for repairs. Although the truck’s main role is transporting materials, heavy lifting is part of construction site driver jobs too. This is why these trucks and their machinery are supposed to be working perfectly to ensure everyone’s safety. In case you are wondering how to apply for construction driver jobs, here are some helpful points.

Cover Letter

The most important thing any employer does when he or she receives your construction driver application is going through the enclosed cover letter. This serves as an introduction to your application, and it carries a lot of importance when seeking construction site driver jobs. To create a great cover letter, you should include:

• On-road years, state/province and national routes run, experience and logged miles
• The list of vehicles you are licenced to operate in terms of size and weight
• The regions and countries you are licensed to operate in


The next thing that should be included in your application is a driver resume. The best strategy is to talk about your recent years of experience. It should have a very strong three-line summary that has searchable keywords, education level and 10-15 years worth of work history. Dwell on the most important and relevant information and ensure to highlight the achievements you have made when working in past crane driver jobs.

Many drivers do not get a formal education, which is not a mistake. If you are such a person and wondering what to include under educational background in your resume, remember your certifications like the CDL or any other specialised ones like HAZMAT transport. In case your certificates do have expiry times, list the dates, showing that they are active and valid.

If the only qualification you have is a driver’s license, do not omit it in the resume as it will help you avoid leaving the education part empty. Most employers are likely to notice a blank education section rather than one with a single entry. However, do not include your high school certificate unless the employer asks for evidence of the same.

Remember that your resume should be one page long. Different duties will end up in repetition and thus, you should consolidate them. This is why you try to narrow them down to a single page.

Experience Section

This is an important part of the resume. Focus on demonstrating any specialised skills that have been useful in your career. This section should be covered briefly in bullet points that show the most important skills that go hand-in-hand with the crane driver jobs you are applying for and how you utilised them on a daily basis.

Also, list some achievements that have had a positive impact on your former employers. Remember to include special scenarios where you were able to meet the employer and customer’s needs by solving their problems.

Below are some important details to include in your resume:

• Your license category, the roads you are familiar with and distance covered
• Your basic responsibilities, including collection, delivery and transportation duties and whether you can fix any mechanical problems that the truck might experience while working
• Any important project you may have worked on and if you were able to complete it on time
• Handling documentation, including delivery notes and invoices
• Any cost reduction contribution, increase in returns, and efficiency improvements.

These aspects could make your resume stand out significantly especially when compared to those of other drivers.

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